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Control Boards

AP 110 OneBoard Kit

AP 120 OneBoard Kit

AP 6/7000 OneBoard Kit

RVMC-4/5000-AD Addendum Kit to Use AP 6/7000 Kits in 4/5000 Machines

AP LCM OneBoard Kit

AP Studio SL OneBoard Kit

AP Studio ST OneBoard Kit

National 145/146 OneBoard Kit

National 147/148 OneBoard Kit

Polyvend 3/4/5/6000 OneBoard Kit

Royal 650 Merlin IV OneBoard Kit

USI 3100 OneBoard Kit (To Replace USI F80 Controller Based Machines)

USI SM3/SM4/SM6 OneBoard Kit (To Replace USI Versatile Controller Based Machines)

USI CB500 & CB700 OneBoard Kit (To Replace Control Board in Vendors with RED display ONLY )


VPOS Touch Card Reader Set

NFC – Contactless Payment Card – Nayax Branded

VPOS Touch Protective Casing

15 Degree Angled Spacer/Stand

VPOS Touch Universal Spacer

VPOS Touch MDB/DEX 3M-Long Standard Harness

VPOS Touch MDB/DEX Full Harness

VPOS Touch Pulse Harness

4G 3 ft High Gain External Mount Antenna

4G 6 ft High Gain External Mount Antenna

VPOS Touch ETH RJ11 Male To RJ45 Female Cable

Sensor Kits

AP 4/5000, 6/7000 & 110 Sensor Kit

AP 120 Sensor Kit

AP LCM Sensor Kit

USI 3000 Series Sensor Kit


Replacement AP 110 Keypad for InOne Kits

34” Extra Length Display Cable